The Championships are open to all Active Member and Associate Member countries of FAI who may enter:


  • 6 pilots in class PF1m (foot launch, male) + 1 pilot PF1f (foot launch, female)
  • 6 pilots in class PL1 (paratrike) + 1 wheelchair pilot
  • 4 pilots + copilot in class PL2 (paratrike tandem)

    Entries must be made on the official Entry Form, at the end of this page.

  • Please prepare the documents bellow:
    1. Passport photo (identification data page)
    2. FAI licence picture (2022)
    3. Attach letter of authorisation from NAC-FAI
    4.Due to several requests, we have extended the date to March 15th. After this date, there will be a 20% increase in the registration fee.

    The entry fee includes:

  • Competition operations (setting, controlling and evaluating the tasks)
  • All competition materials (maps, task descriptions, control point atlases, etc.)
  • Free use of the airfield and free entry to all official events.
  • Place for each team with water, electricity and one tent.

The receipt and all documents must be attached to the pilot’s area (admin site). Your application may be rejected if you do not do so by March 15th.