Dear delegates, dear pilots and competitors,

CIMA has to inform you about the following decision, made by the organizer of the 11th FAI World Paramotor Championships in Brazil:

“Due to the CODIV-19 epidemic our board of directors assembled today to analyses the situation. Three months before the 11th Paramotor World Championships taking place in Linhares, Brazil, we made a decision long ahead in time in order to prevent financial losses to the competitors and organizers.

We understand the virus expansion cycle takes three months to reach its apex. It just started to spread around in our country, and it is unpredictable how it will behave from now on. Also, it seems that most of the countries are taking actions to prevent against the contamination and limiting traveling. Great are the chances that it will impact registrations.

Our organizing committee firms believe that it is our responsibility and for the best of all paramotor international community and the health of all Brazilians that the 11th Paramotor World Championships should be postponed. We kindly request that CIMA understands our reasons and will approve the decision to postpone the event to June 16th to 26th, 2021.”

CIMA bureau has been in close contact with the organizer and fully understands their concerns and their decision. It was a right and responsible decision. As we have no other bids so far for a WPC next year, the CIMA bureau supports the change of dates for next year. The official competition website will be continuously updated. If you have further questions for the organizer, Ricardo Maciel will be happy to answer.

I feel personally very sorry for Ricardo’s team, because they put a lot of work, money, ideas and effort into this project. I am sure that we will have a successful event next year.

LINTL Wolfgang

President – CIMA – FAI Microlight and Paramotor Commission

March 11, 2020

IMPORTANT: At the CIMA plenary meeting, held from 19 to 21 November 2020, it was decided on account of the COVID-19 pandemic to postpone the WPC to April 2022.