Please Check the web site https://www.traveldoc.aero/ for all the documents you need to travel

  1. What kind of fuel will be available at the event?
    AVGAS 100LL (price around 2.85 Euros/litre) There will be a fuel truck on the field especially for pilots to fill up their engines.
  2. Where can I buy the Oil for the Motors
    We will have Motul Company selling the oil Motul 800 at the Venue @15% Discount for all Pilots.
  3. What is the size of the maps and Download.
    Below is the map of the WPC 2022 region (A3 1:100k) and KMZ file with the official location of the WPC 2022, flight limits, NFZ and restricted areas (over landless water bodies). Each task will have a specific map defined and delivered by the organization, with or without a photo, and with scales between 1:50K to 1:100K in A3 and A4 sheets following the same coordinate pattern. Important: The maps for each task must be used in all NOTAM flight limits. Please use the KMZ file to ensure you see all areas that we can set tasks (NOTAM Limits). Click here to download the Airspace Limits (kmz file) ⇒ Airspace Limits.kmz
  4. Is Camping Available in the Area?
    No, we don’t have a camping area. Please use hotels and Airbnb’s
  5. Do I need an Invitation Letter?
    Yes – Send us a email to info@wpc2022.com.br
  6. e-DBV – Customs Declaration Form
    Brazil has his own system to declare your personal equipment recommended by the federal police. This is the video to help you to fill in the form:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn-EVqCtkpw(Link only works on the computer)
    Please make sure you do exactly like the video.
    Make sure you fill in Complementary Information:
    “Equip. destined for the 11th WPC 20/04 – 30/04 2022 Saquarema/RJ. Temporarily imported baggage with the traveller to be returned to the origin. NO FOREIGN EXCHANGE COVERAGE” The form is per persons, own luggage.
  7. Customs Despatch Contact: ………
    You must contact the despatch before you fly with your e-DBV form and arrival details. He will also send you an invoice US200 to be paid pre departure. He will meet you on arrival in the customs “items to declare” red exit route.  
  8. Traveller’s Health Declaration and other document’s
    Form: Passengers will be refused entry if they do not hold proof that they have completed the Traveller’s Health Declaration (Declaração de Saúde do Viajante) within 24 hours prior to departure, in printed or electronic format.
  9. Covid documentation Each country will have your own rules and regulations for covid documentation needed on arrival. Please check your own location. This link may help you …. If you need to take covid tests before you fly, make sure to order them or arrange them in advance.
  10. How do I get from the airport to the venue?
  11. The best idea is to rent a car for the duration of your trip to use as your team’s transport. These are the companies we have used in the past:
  12. Alternatively, there is a personal shuttle available if you contact …… to arrange in advance. Use Portuguese (google translate) when messaging him.
  13. Public transport is not possible directly to Saquarema and especially with all your equipment.
  14. In the Paraball Task, if is possible to do this task, will normally use gymnastics balls of 65 cm of nominal diameter, but they will be partially inflated to result in final diameters between 50 and 55 cm. The basket will have approximate dimensions of diameter between 1.60 and 1.80 m, circular or octagonal and height around 1.0 m.
  15. Will there be free drinking water for teams? Yes, we will have drinking fountains with free drinking water. Need to bring your bottle.
  16. Task P2 – “Slow and Fast” in TC flying fast near the ground is forbidden ?

    As defined in the 2020 S10 A4, this task is still allowed in classic championships. We asked CIMA about this, but they told us that no delegates raised any objections when the task catalog was submitted to CIMA for approval. It is still in the CIMA catalog based on the fact that it flies against the wind and in a straight line, so less dangerous than the classic slalom. Other tasks such as paraball and others flying close to the ground are allowed, but in better conditions than slalom competition.

  17. For the gate is straight line 200m wide perpendicular to the briefed track. Then is it 100m of radius for turnpoints?

    Yes, understanding correct. See item 1.14.6 of Local Regulations (R1) dated April,08, published in website.

  18. For E2 – Economy with Navigation in Task Catalogue, how to consider the backtracking rules?

    The purpose of this task is to determine how far the pilot can go on a small amount of fuel based on a crossing reference line, keeping the paramotors together in an organized direction by safety.

    The sketch of this task has been improved in R1 published April 8 on the website for better understanding. The concept is adjacent corridors in opposite directions with the reference line between them. The backtracking rule will be applied for both corridors and checked by the system with tolerance according to item 1.11.9 (LR). The task description defines tolerance t=10 sec e “x” angle tolerance will be definite in briefing